How does Paroxetine work in the treatment of premature ejaculation?

Just like many other antidepressants, the use of Paroxetine results in delayed ejaculation. This ‘side effect’ of Paroxetine is a boon for those who face the issues of premature ejaculation. Even though Paroxetine is usually prescribed as a means to treat depression or anxiety, the drug is also sometimes helpful in treating premature ejaculation.

Using Paroxetine for treatment of premature ejaculation is a decision which is supposed to be taken by your doctor. This actually boils down to the fact that when used recklessly, Paroxetine has the potential to result in some negative side effects. This is why we must be extra cautious when we wish to treat bodily issues with paroxetine.

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Case study

When it comes to using Paroxetine for treatment of premature ejaculation, we must first look at these two case studies which would corroborate our claims. In both these Australian studies, men were given paroxetine with the aim of treating premature ejaculation. Talking about the first group, there were 26 men involved who indulged in a 20mg dosage of paroxetine which they took along with a placebo a few hours before intercourse.

Upon four weeks of this constant routine, the average time taken by the 26 men beginning from vaginal penetration to ejaculation came out to be 0.5 minutes with the placebo and 3.4 minutes with the original medicine, i.e. paroxetine. As we can tell, the difference was quite significant.

Moving on to the second study which involved 42 men, a 10mg dosage of paroxetine was taken over the span of three weeks, which was then followed by a four weeks course of 20mg paroxetine which was finally followed by a course of placebo for seven weeks. The average time that the men took to ejaculate was clearly higher while they were on paroxetine at three and seven weeks (3.8 vs 0.8 minutes and 6.0 vs 0.9 minutes) than the time they took while on placebo.

Our claims about the side effects of Paroxetine are supported by the fact that out of these 42 men, seven reported having side effects when Paroxetine was being used for a prolonged time period. This overall case study clearly confirms the fact that we can use paroxetine for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

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Buying Paroxetine

Now that you know that many of your issues can be sorted out with this single antidepressant, you may want to know how you can buy paroxetine COD online. People usually make use of paroxetine for anxiety issues but if you have other issues such as depression, OCD, or premature ejaculation, you may still use the medicine as long as you’re doing it safely.

As far as buying the medicine is concerned, it’s best if you filter out genuine online websites. Once you’ve chosen a few websites, you must scan them out and place your order using one which has the most reasonable price. You may also want to get paroxetine cash on delivery, which is quite a good idea since that may save you from online scams to an extent. After searching for the most appropriate website, you must finally place the order and wait for your delivery.