Is Paroxetine dose escalation not effective in major depression?

Paxil Effects

Paroxetine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor with effective properties that allow it to work as an antidepressant that relieves the symptoms of depression in depressive patients. Paroxetine dose does not just treat patients with depression. It is also prescribed to patients suffering from a panic disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorders, and other disorders that fall into a similar spectrum.

Paroxetine Dose

When a certain quantity of antidepressants fails to produce optimal outcomes in a depressive patient, the doctor usually recommends a higher dose to achieve stabilization. Unfortunately, paroxetine dose increased does not increase its effects if the patient has developed adaptation for a certain dose.

Paroxetine Prescription

You must always consult a psychiatrist or doctor who is legally licensed to prescribe paroxetine and similar selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. They have all the important information to consider before the prescription. You need to tell your psychiatrist about the medications you are already taking specifically if you take MAO inhibiter because there must be a gap between the use of MAO inhibitor and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor due to their different mechanism of action.

How to buy Paroxetine?

You can purchase paroxetine from a nearby pharmacy or medical store, and if you do not wish to purchase it from there, you can order paroxetine online. Various online medical portals allow you to order paroxetine cash on delivery, but you must have a registered psychiatrist’s prescription. Paroxetine dose is determined by the psychiatrist depending on your needs, and you must not purchase more quantity of paroxetine than required.


Although paroxetine belongs to a very safe class of antidepressants, you must always be very careful about handling your medications and taking the appropriate dosage for the maximum outcomes. You cannot stop taking paroxetine when you feel alright according to your own judgment because leaving paroxetine abruptly can make your symptoms reoccur in a severe form. Then they will not be treatable through paroxetine. It is the psychiatrist’s job to schedule a careful checkup and decrease the dose of paroxetine when he perceives that you are ready to be tapered off the medication. If any person you know is suffering from similar symptoms, you cannot give your paroxetine to that person. You need to keep paroxetine out of reach of children because if children intake paroxetine, it can n disturb their neuropsychological functioning. If you become pregnant during the treatment, you must consult your psychiatrist about continuing using paroxetine. Paroxetine is available in several different formulations. Therefore, you must consult your doctor for proper measurements if you take paroxetine as an oral suspension. Also, the side effects of paroxetine are minimal and will subside after a few days of usage, but you must still be aware of the side effects so that you do not panic when you experience them. You should not miss any doses of paroxetine, but in case you do, you must first consult the psychiatrist that what you should do.

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