Evaluate the efficacy of Paroxetine in treating adolescent major depression

Owing to the stressful life that we’re living today, issues of depression and anxiety have massacred the common masses. The more prominent victims of such mental illnesses are the ones who aren’t competent when it comes to dealing with such issues, the adolescents. Nowadays teenagers can be seen easily succumbing to such problems which were […]

What are Paxil effects for female or women?

Paxil is a drug that is known by many other names such as Paroxetine, Brisdelle, Paxil CR, and Paxeva, etc. The generic name of the brand Paxil is called Paroxetine. This medication is often prescribed to women who are suffering from a medical condition such as premenstrual syndrome (a.k.a premenstrual dysphoric disorder). Apart from being […]